How to fill in a migration card when entering Belarus

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belarus migration cardHOW TO APPLY FOR A MIGRATION CARD 

When entering Belarus all foreigners have to fill in a Migration Gard.
Staying in the Republic of Belarus without a valid Migration Card is against the law and may lead to a serious fine / other responsibility according to Belarusian legislation.

Migration Cards are free of charge. You will be provided with a blank Migration Card by the crew of your aircraft, your bus driver or a member of your train team.
Detailed instructions on how to fill in the card are given futher in this section.

You have to submit your filled-in Migration Card to the Border guards officer when crossing the border of the Republic of Belarus, who will check both parts of the migration card and compare it to the data contained in your passport and visa. The officer will then mark and stamp both parts, withdraw part “A” of the card for official use and return part “B” to you for further reference.
You should keep part “B” of the migration card during the whole period of your stay in Belarus.
When leaving Belarus, hand over part “B” of your migration card to the Belarusian Border guards officer.

In order to obtain registration in Belarus you should submit part “B” of the migration card to local police along with the documents required for registration. If you are staying in a hotel, this will be done by reception staff.
The respective registering body will mark part “B” of the migration card with information regarding the place of your temporary residence in Belarus.

In case your Migration Card is lost, stolen or damaged, you should within three working days report this to reception staff (if staying in a hotel) or to local police (if staying on your own).
You will  then obtain a duplicate of your Migration Card with relevant registration marks.

Please remember that the Migration Card is an important document for registration during your stay in the Republic of Belarus.
Make sure it is with you on journey back home from Belarus. Failure to present a valid card when leaving Belarus is a serious administrative violation.




You have to carefully fill in both parts «A» and «B» of the Migration Card in block letters using an ink pen. Do not make corrections or go beyond allocated sections and columns.
The information you enter into the card should be based on your passport or another travel document.

If you are unable to fill in the card on your own, another person may do this on your behalf. In such case both parts of the migration card are to be signed not only by you, but also by the person who helped you.
Migration Cards for children of minor age are to be signed by their parents.

The following information is to be introduced to both parts of the migration card:

Family name, Name;

Date of birth in “DD MM YYYY” format, for example «02 04 1996»;

Sex — put a cross in the field corresponding to your sex;

Nationality — indicate you citizenship based on your passport/travel document;

Passport or other ID — indicate the series and number of your passport or travel document;

Purpose of travel (to be underlined) — underline the description, which best corresponds to the purpose of your visit to Belarus;

Visa number — indicate the number of your current valid visa to Belarus;

Name of host person or company, address — indicate who is inviting you and what is their address in Belarus;

Duration of stay — indicate the date of entry to Belarus and the supposed date of leaving Belarus.

Do not forget to indicate the current date and sign both parts of the Migration Card before handing it to the Belarusian Border guards officer.


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